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The World of Fruit Labels
The web's first fruit label site.

Fruit label links

Size: 14 A4 pages when printed

Compiled by Roger Harris  ©1999-2008



Books about fruit and vegetables   The latest additions are at the top.
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Fruit and Vegetables: Three-language Dictionary of Fruit and Vegetable Processsing
Authors: Ulrich Florin and Harald Haupt
Publisher: Behr's Verlag, 1987.
Format: English / French / German. 455 pages.
ISBN: 3925673245


Links to fruit label sites   The latest additions are at the top.
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  1. Carl Sikora specialises in watermelon labels:
    Watermelon Photo Albums:
  2. Aljona's fruit label site. It's most attractively designed and contains more than 2,000 label images arranged into fruit categories:
  3. Stickers HQ contains links to information about all kinds of labels and label manufacturers. It includes a link to a banana label site.
  4. Andre's fruit label site:
  5. Bananas On The Web:
    This has moved from .org to .com.
  6. www.allaboutstickers.comClick on the sticker to visit the web-site.
  7. BananaSite:
  8. Karel Vizner's fruit-label and fruit-wrapper site is at
  9. Chiquita banana stickers:
  10. Dmoz Open Directory Project - Banana Stickers:
  11. [a 'frames' site]
  12. Xavier Heyte's web-site is at
  13. Josef Binder's banana label site (includes a section
    on fruit producers and distributors):
  14. Catalogue of Banana Stickers (Gerri Lorenzo, Editor):
    This site was advertised on the comp.infosystems.www.announce
    newsgroup on 11 September 1996. <URL:>
  15. Pavel Pech's Banana Labels:
    There are also many fruit labels on display.
  16. Daniele Imperi's fruit label site is at:
  17. Ulrike Riehl's banana label web-site:
  18. There is apparently a Banana Museum in Frankfurt, Germany.


Link to fruit wrapper/paper sites
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  1. Dirik von Oettingen's virtual orange wrapper museum is at
    OPIUM - Das Orangenpapiermuseum:
  2. The HoBB:
    The HoBB:
  3. London's Victoria & Albert Museum has a collection of fruit wrappers. No wrappers are displayed on-line. A reference to them is on the V & A web-site at:
    The Prints, Drawings and Paintings Department has remarkably diverse collections. They include some of the most famous and precious works of art in the country, for example the Raphael Cartoons - among the greatest cycles of Renaissance painting in the world - and, at the other extreme, everyday pieces of printed paper that you might not expect to find in a museum, such as seed packs, record sleeves, carrier bags and fruit wrappers.
  4. This site also has a fruit wrapper section.


Links to fruit crate label sites
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  1. Bags Unlimited Inc. offers framed original fruit crate labels:
    Their range of polythene archival bags and sleeves should be excellent if you collect fruit wrappers and need a storage medium for them.
  2. The Ultimate Fruit Label Book
    The book is about fruit crate labels. The authors are John A. Baule and Delmar Bice. The ISBN = 076432442X. The book is available from - click on the image to visit the book's page there.
  3. Steve Litchford:
  4. Some early South African fruit box labels are displayed at
  5. Fruit crate labels:
  6. Citrus Labels:
    Includes historical notes.
  7. Fruit Crate Labels:
  8. Label Collector:
  9. Paperstuff - Original Fruit Box Art:
    Includes historical notes.
  10. Crate label miniatures:


Links to fruit grower and fruit shipping sites
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  1. Abbey View Produce:
  2. AFD Dipra (subsidiary of Pomanjou, Cardell, Vergers D'Aquitaine):
  3. Agricola Fraiburgo S/A, Rio Das Pedras, Videira, SC, Brazil.
  4. Agricoper di Gianni Liturri (grapes):
  5. Agroparador:
  6. Angel Rey (producer, shipper):

  8. Banane de Martíníque:
  9. Best: Bamex S.A., Atatürk Bulvari no.83, Iskenderun, Türkye.
  10. Bonny, Spain (tomatoes):

  12. Caliman (papaya):
  13. Cape:
  14. Cape:
  15. Capespan (shared with Outspan):
  16. Chata (melons):
  17., California, U.S.A.
    Fruit: chirimoya (creamy white, sweet, hints of caramel), white sapote (creamy white, sweet, custard-like, similar to a cherimoya), persimmon (red-orange fruit, sweet flavor), lemons (premium quality), cactus pears (mild, sweet flavour).
  18. Chiquita:
  19. Chiquita South Pacific:
  20. Citrus Valleys, South Africa.
  21. Commercial Peregrin SA (Gold Garlic):,
  22. Copefrut:
  23. Cooperativa Tabacalera de Misiones Ltda:
  24. Costa Rica Bananas:

  26. Danish co. (faulty, 17aug2000):
  27. Del Monte:
  28. Del Monte:
  29. Del Monte:
  30. Delassus (producer):
  31. Delecta, South Africa (exporter):
    Fruit: Exports fresh table grapes, apples, pears and clementines to leading supermarkets and importers in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and Asia. The majority of Class 1 fruit is packed under the Delecta brand. Class 1 fruit is also packed under the "Zandrift" and "Rio Grande" brands.
  32. Dole Foods:

  34. El Romeral SL:,
  35. ENZA:
  36. Exser, Chile (plums):

  38. Fresh California Grapes:
  39. Frupac/Fruta del Pacifico:
  40. Frupor
  41. Frutaria SAT, Spain:
  42. Fyffes

  44. Garten Frisch:
  45. Golden B Shippers, Grupo Siete, Machala, Ecuador.(see T. Port, below)
  46. Green Nature Group:
  47. Greener World:
  48. Greenery Int'l BV, The, (tomatoes):
  49. Greeve Import Export b.v.:

  51. HLB Tropical Food:
  52. Huertorganic:

  54. Iftekhar & Co., Pakistan (mangos):
  55. Indian River Fruit:

  57. Jardin du Cap (subsidiary of Cape)
  58. Joam Parito S.L., C/. Dr Marañon, 60, Spain.
    Medina Group, see Sungold Miel Oro

  60. La Gloria (mangoes):
  61. Langmead Farms:

  63. Maisa (melons):
  64. Meilleur de la Farandole, Le:
  65. Miguel (lemons):
  66. Montosa, Jose Luis, SL:

  68. Northwestern Fruit (Washington state, USA)(Washington and Apple King brands):

  70. Orya-Co, (dates) :
  71. Outspan (shared with Cape):

  73. Palmar Corporation (producer):
  74. Perlim (apples):
  75. Peviani (vegetables and fruit):
  76. Port, T., Hamburg (GmbH), (Golden "B" and Lunita labels. Citrus fruit from Uruguay):
  77. Prominent Growers:
  78. Purple Pride (Professional Aubergine Growers Association):

  80. Quiris:

  82. Reyes Gutiérrez, S.L.:,
  83. Rosario (red Barlett pears from Spain):

  85. Safcomar (Pty)Ltd, Cape Town, South Africa.
  86. SCB Côte D'Ivoire:
  87. Schio, Brazil (apples):
  88. Sofiprim (import/export, 50%-owned by Fyffes PLC):
  89. Sundia Corp.
    Watermelon, Watermelon Juice, Cantaloupe, HoneyDew melons.
  90. Sungold Miel Oro [Medina Group]:
  91. SweetColorPepper:

  93. Treacy Boutonnet SA, (peaches):
  94. Trops, Malaga:
  95. Tullens Fruit Farm, West Sussex, England:
    Several fruit species grown, some rare:
    Apples: Bramley, Cox's Orange Pippin, Discovery, Egremont Russett, Ellisons Orange, James Grieve, Jonago Red, Jonagold, Laxtons Superb, Lord Lambourne, Queen Cox, Red Pippen, Worcester Pearmain.
    Apple juice: Cox Bramley, Discovery, Jonagold, Red Pippin, Worcester.
    Pears: Comice, Conference.
  96. Turbana Corporation, (bananas):

  98. USA Pears (not working, 17aug2000):

  100. Veiling Babyron N.V.:
  101. VersDirect, Netherlands (tomatoes):
  102. Vinallop Fruits:

  104. Wiesner (Patricio) Chile, (grapes):
  105. Wolfpack (Wolseley Fruit Packers Co-operative, Ltd.) Cape, South Africa:
    web-site:, e-mail:
    Fruits: pears: Beurre Bosc, Bon Rouge, Flamingo, Forelle, Packhams, Rosemary, William's.

  107. Zanddrift Grapes, J.Wittles, prop., South Africa:
  108. Zespri:
    Fruit: kiwifruit.


Links to fruit label printer sites
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Pressure-sensitive direct-contact labels for the fruit industry are produced by the following companies:

  1. Accu-Label Inc.
    Canada: Tel: (519) 727-0888
    U.S.A.: Tel: +1 (586) 933-3006
    Fax (Canada): (519) 727-0999
    Contact: Sam Sleiman
  2. AMS Printing, U.S.A.:
  3. Cal Emblem, U.S.A.
  4. Çizgi Ofset, Turkey:
  5. Compass Labels, Australia:
  6. Empack, Chile: (Spanish-language site)
  7. Hi-Maur Labelling Systems, South Africa:
  8. Hurst Label, U.S.A.
  9. Jenkins Labels Ltd, New Zealand:
        Includes J-Tech Systems Pty Ltd, Australia
  10. Mail-Well Labels, U.S.A.
  11. Sinclair International, U.K.:
  12. Spicer Labels, Australia:
  13. Superior Tape & Label, Inc.
        New hand-held labeller, applies custom pre-printed labels
        E-mail: WWW:
  14. Tucson Label Co.:
  15. L'Univers de L'Emballage, France (labels, packaging materials, machinery):

Gourmet Impression™ Fruit labelling of a different kind is that offered by Gourmet Impression™ LLC, Nesconset NY, U.S.A. They manufacture a variety of food embossing products. Many kinds of foods such as melons, pizzas, burgers, etc., may have a promotional message embossed on a surface.


Miscellaneous Links and Notes
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  1. Barry "Wildman" Snyder's illustrated fruit label art blog is at
    The "Almost World Renowned Food Sticker Mosaic Artist" produces reproductions of familiar works of art by using fruit labels as colours. This is something derived from pointillism, a "painting by dots" method of creating an image used by impressionist painters, especially George Seurat [type seurat into a search engine image search]. Somewhere in my house I have a book which describes a computer method of producing similar images. Several thousand thumbnail images are scanned and an average colour value is calculated for each thumbnail. Then, a much larger picture is scanned and each pixel is replaced by a thumbnail which has a similar or identical colour value. When I find the book I'll post its details here.

  3. Countries in which bananas are grown include the following:
    Belize, Brazil, Cameroun, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatamala, Ivory Coast, Panama, Peru, Surinam, Venezuela
  4. If you have become bored by collecting fruit labels and fruit wrappers then how about collecting elastic bands which are used in the growing and packaging of cauliflowers, broccoli, asparagus and flowers. The cauliflower elastic bands are able to resist ultra-violet rays from the sun for up to 14 days. Many bands are printed with brand names.
  5. The grave of the man who brought the first banana to Britain is situated in Liverpool.
    Source: Bringing the House Down [neglected urban architectural gems], Lucinda Lampton and Mark Holdstock, BBC Radio 4, 11am, 3 November 2000.
  6. Pink Lady is a type of apple. Pink Fir Apple is a type of potato.
    Sources: 1.. Financial Times 'The Business' supplement, 2 Sep 2000, page 38. 2.. The Story of the Potato by Alan Wilson.
  7. More than 520 different potato cultivars were exhibited at the Royal Horticultural Show in London, November 2000. The Potato Collection, a potato catalogue, is published by Thompson & Morgan Seeds of Ipswich, Suffolk, U.K.
    Source: The Times newspaper (UK), 1 November 2000, page 24.
  8. 30 Aug 2000. From a page of quips published by Renee on a humour newsgroup:

    In order to make your visit here more enjoyable please do not eat bananas during your stay here in Miami. As the universally recognized symbol of our republic, they are now protected by law.

  9. Peter Witteveen's encyclopediac site gives illustrated details of many fruits and vegetables:
  10. Wide-ranging page of fruit links:
  11. The Fruit Label Company of Santa Monica, California, USA, is an advertising agency. They were responsible in 1999 and 2000 for campaigns which employed fruit labels to carry third-party advertising. See the labels (advertising an Internet search engine) on this web-site (they are listed under #4128 in the A section).
    For editorial commentary on the campaigns see:,1542,43646,00.html
    The Fruit Label Co., 1111 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401-3007, U.S.A.
    Telephone: +1 (818) 996 6736. E-mail:
  12. Labels & Labelling magazine:
  13. Fruit and vegetable labels of a different type are those of the Bayer pharmaceutical and agri-chemical company. Their web-site is at
  14. Fruit Online: international fruit industry news
  15. international fruit and vegetable industry news
  16. search by category for several thousand growers, shippers, etc.:
  17. The Packer Online: fruit and vegetable news
  18. World of Fruit (fruit industry news):


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