Forenames and surnames
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What's in a [sur]name?

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Updated: 8 July 2005

Compiled by Roger Harris © 1998-2005

The following lists started off as a single list of interchangeable
names. These are combinations of forenames and surnames which may
be interchanged to yield another plausible name. As soon as I had
accumulated a few of these from newspapers and magazines I began to
see fresh examples almost every day.

Television and big-screen film credits are a rich source of interesting
names. Mostly they are the names of the myriad technicians who make the
films and are not invented by the stars' publicists.

As the list lengthened the need for different categories became
apparent, hence this compilation.

I may have to add a new category soon. It will contain names which
cannot be pronounced whilst using English rules.
I'll have to thank Mr Rnic and Ms Ng for that.

My thanks for additional information go to Renzo Leon.

Roger Harris.


Personal names on-line


Personal names in books
  • Claremont Dictionary of First Names, ISBN: 1-85471-707-3
  • Complete Book of Baby Names Traditional and Modern, Hilary Spence, ISBN: 0-572-01643-3
  • Complete Book of Hebrew Baby Names, Smadar Shir Sidi, ISBN:0-06-254850-6
  • Modern Book of Babies' Names, Hilary Spence, ISBN: 0-572-01174-1
  • The Mother of All Baby Name Books, Bruce Lansky, ISBN:0-6840-1870-5
  • New Book of First Names, Michèl Brown, ISBN:0-552-12257-2
  • New Name Dictionary - Modern English and Hebrew Names, Alfred Kolatch, ISBN: 0-8246-0376-1
  • Virgin Book of Baby Names, Emily Wood, ISBN:none


  1. Interchangeable surnames and forenames
  2. Surnames which are also nouns
  3. Surnames which are also verbs
  4. Non-hyphenated multi-part surnames
  5. Surnames which not mispelled, apparently


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Interchangeable surnames and forenames

Updated: 26 May 2002

Many personal names are plausible when reversed, eg. 
Douglas Allen and Allen Douglas. Others, eg. Jack Tomkins
(Tomkins Jack), are not reversible. 

The following list contains surnames which may also be used 
as forenames.

Each name 
A numeral 1 appears in column one to indicate names which
I consider to be perfectly reversible.

In column two, m=male and f=female and 'm' and 'f' refer to
the names which appear on the same line.
Thus, there are 
   1.. ff = female/female names
   2.. fm = female/male names
   3.. mf = male/female names
   4.. mm = male/male names 


     forename    surname          source
----------­    --------------­  -----------------------------

  m* Marion      *
  mm Roy         Abraham         ;
1 mm Lincoln     Abraham         ;
1 mm Arthur      Abraham         ;
1 mm Neville     Abraham         ;
  mm William     Abraham         ; 
               * Abrahams        ; 
  mm Robert      Adam            ;Architect, died 3 Mar 1792
1 mm Leonard     Adam            ;
1 mm Samuel      Adam            ;
               * Adams           ;
  mm Andrew      Alexander       ;
     John        Alexander       ;
     Caroline    Alexander       ;
     Jim         Alexander       ;
  mm Harvey      Alexander       ;
  mm Nicholas    Alexander       ;
1 fm Joyce       Alexander       ;
  mm Brian       Alexander       ;BBC R4 broadcaster
1 mm Barrie      Alexander       ;
1 mm Alfred      Alexander       ;
  mm Ian         Alexander       ;Computer consultant
     Garth       Alexander       ;journalist
  ff Marion      Alexandra       ;
  mm George      Allan           ;
               * Allen           ;
1 mm Douglas     Allen           ;
  mm John        Allen           ;
  fm Julie       Allen           ;Psychiatrist
  fm Katharine   Allen           ;Marriage broker
1 mm Keith       Allen           ;Actor, Independent, 3mar1998
1 mm Leonard     Allen           ;Psychiatrist
  fm Mary        Allen           ;
1 mm Michael     Allen           ;Management consultant
1 mm Thomas      Allen           ;Opera singer
  mf John        Allison         ;
1 mm Maurice     Andre           ;
  mm Christopher Andrew          ;
     Kenneth     Andrew          ;
  mm Christopher Andrew          ;Professor
     Christopher Andrew          ;university professor
               * Andrews         ;
1 mm Patrick     Anthony         ;Author
  mm Andrew      Anthony         ;journalist
  fm Alice       Arnold          ;broadcaster
     Thomas      Arnold          ;
1 mm Matthew     Arnold          ;
  mm Michael     Arnold          ;lawyer
  fm Janet       Arnold          ;
  mm Steven      Arnold          ;actor
1 mm Christopher Arnold          ;Author, Plough Publ
  fm Sue         Arnold          ;journalist
     Charles     Arthur          ;
1 mm John        Arthur          ;Clockmaker, Edinburgh, 19th Century
1 mm Charles     Arthur          ;Journalist - technology
1 mm Stuart      Arthur          ;Thatcher, Devon
  fm Rosamund    Aubrey          ;Amnesty Int
1 mm John        Aubrey          ;Priest
  mm Oliver      August          ;journalist
  fm Jane        Barney          ;
1 fm Lucy        Barry           ;Recruitment consultant
1 mm David       Benedict        ;Journalist
1 mm Walter      Benjamin        ;
  fm Hetty       Benjamin        ;
  fm Gina        Benjamin        ;
  mm Robert      Benjamin        ;
     Robert      Benjamin        ;film-maker
  fm Beatrice    Bennett         ;
  mm William     Bennett         ;journalist
1 mm Jeffrey     Bernard         ;Writer, Soho
  mm Jeremy      Bruce           ;
  mm Kenneth(Ken)Bruce           ;disk jockey
  mm Philip      Bryan           ;football hooligan
  fm Deborah     Cameron         ;
  mm Michael     Cameron         ;Psychiatrist
     John        Casey           ;university professor
  mm Samuel      Casper          ;
  mm Thomas      Cecil           ;Earl of Exeter, 1604
  mm William     Cecil           ;Lord Burghley, 1558
  mm Jonathan    Charles         ;
  fm Philippa    Charles         ;
  fm Caroline    Charles         ;couturier
  mm Roy         Charles         ;IT recycling
  fm Virginia    Charles         ;Marriage broker
  ?m S           Christopher     ;
1 mm Warren      Christopher     ;USA negotiator
  mf Freddy      Claire          ;
  mf John        Clare           ;Poet
1 mf Anthony     Clare           ;Psychiatrist
  mm Barrie      Clement         ;Journalist
               * Clements        ;
  bm Toby        Clifford        ;
  mm William     Clifford        ;pre-Einstein physicist
  mm Max         Clifford        ;Publicist
  mm Jonathan    Clifford        ;publishing 
     Michael     Cole            ;
     Marigold    Coleman         ;magazine editor
     Richard     Conrad          ;
  mm Peter       Conrad          ;author
  mm Andrew      Craig           ;
  mm Ian         Craig           ;
  m? Matt        Damon           ;
               * Daniels         ;
  fm Amelia      David           ;forensic scientist
1 mm Laurence    David           ;
  mm Peter       David           ;
     *           Dawn            ;
     Matthew     Dean            ;
  mm Ian         Dennis          ;
  mm Margaret    Dennis          ;Civil servant
  mm Felix       Dennis          ;publisher
1 mm Adrian      Desmond         ;
  mm Richard     Desmond         ;publisher
  mm Peter       Dick            ;
  mm Alastair    Donald          ;photographer
1 -m Alton       Douglas         ;  
  fm Mary        Douglas         ;anthropologist
  fm Carolyn     Douglas         ;family therapist
1 mm David       Douglas         ;Telecommunications
  mm Victor      Douglas         ;
     Iain        Edgar           ;sales manager
     Philip      Edward          ;
               * Edwards         ;
     Julie       Emanuel         ;
  mm David       Emanuel         ;couturier
  fm Elizabeth   Emanuel         ;couturier
1 mm John        Evelyn          ;Author
  mf Max         Florence        ;
     Valentina   Francis         ;
  fm Bridget     Francis         ;
     George      Francis         ;
1 mm Trevor      Francis         ;Football manager
1 fm Christine   Francis         ;Recruitment consultant
  mm Michael     Franklin        ;
  fm Caroline    Gabriel         ;
  mm Allen       Gavin           ;
  fm Patricia    Gavin           ;
  mm Eddie(EdwardGeorge          ;Governor, Bank of England
  fm Janet       George          ;
1 mm John        George          ;
  mm Kenneth     George          ;science teacher
  mm Peter       George          ;
  fm Sara        George          ;
     R           Gerald          ;
  mm Godfrey     Gideon          ;Journalist
     Hazel       Gilbert         ;
1 mm Andrew      Gilbert         ;
  fm Hazel       Gilbert         ;
  mm Joshua      Gilbert         ;
1 mm Lewis       Gilbert         ;
     Andrew      Gilbert         ;
     Leigh       Gilbert         ;art director
1 mm Stephen     Gilbert         ;Author
  mm Ian         Godfrey         ;
  mm Edward      Gordon          ;
  mm Ivor        Gordon          ;classic car sales
  mm Douglas     Gordon          ;film-maker, deceased
     Lyndall     Gordon          ;writer
  fm Barbara     Gough           ;Advertising
     Adam        Graham          ;
1 mm Jack        Graham          ;
  mm Barry       Graham          ;
  mm Robert      Graham          ;Journalist
  mm George      Graham          ;Journalist
  mm Ian         Grant           ;architect
  fm Helen       Gregory         ;dinner lady
  mm Mark        Gregory         ;
  mm Philip      Hammond         ;
1 mf Neil        Hannah          ;
  fm Debby       Harry           ;singer
  mm Rudy        Harry           ;
1 mm Charles     Harvey          ;editor
  fm Fiona       Harvey          ;
  mm Graham      Harvey          ;
  mm Jonathan    Harvey          ;
1 mm Keith       Harvey          ;National Power PLC
  mm Kevin       Harley          ;
  mm Michael     Harvey          ;journalist
  mm Paul        Harvey          ;author
  fm Sally       Harvey          ;
  mm Terry       Harvey          ;author
  mm William     Harvey          ;discovered circulation of blood
  mm Alan        Henry           ;
  mm Oliver      Henry           ;
  mm Donald      Henry           ;
  fm Zoe         Henry           ;
  mm Patrick     Henry           ;astronomer
  mm David       Henry           ;IT Recruitment
  fm Cicely      Herbert         ;
  mm David       Herman          ;Company director
  mf Robert      Hope            ;computer specialist
1 mm Emanuel     Howard          ;
  fm Melanie     Howard          ;
  mm Anthony     Howard          ;
  fm Gillian     Howard          ;Lawyer
1 mm Hammond     Innes           ;
               * Isaacs          ;
1 mm David       Jack            ;Manager
   m Sonia       Jacob           ;
     Rahul       Jacobs          ;
               * Jacobs          ;
               * Jacobs          ;
     Paul        Jacques         ;
1 mm Daniel      James           ;
  fm Kathleen    James           ;
  mm Peter       James           ;
  mm Desmond     James           ;
  mm William     James           ;
  mm John        James           ;
  fm Wendy       James           ;
  mm Andrew      James           ;
  fm Judith      James           ;
  mm Henry       James           ;author
  mm Gregory     James           ;author
1 mm Michael     James           ;Computer Shopper mag
1 mm Samuel      James           ;Computer Shopper mag
1 mm Oliver      James           ;Journalist
  mm Richard     James           ;journalist
  mm Ryan        James           ;murder suspect
  fm Victoria    James           ;
1 mm Paul        Jarvis          ;publisher
1 mm Malcolm     Jeffrey         ;fruit label collector
  mm Timothy     Jeffrey         ;
  mm Peter       Job             ;
1 mm Elton       John            ;Entertainer
  mm John        Joseph          ;
  mm Andrew      Joseph          ;
  fm Claudia     Joseph          ;
     Oliver      Joseph          ;
  mm Alan        Joseph          ;
  mm Robert      Joseph          ;
1 mm Clifford    Joseph          ;Journalist
     Gillian     Joseph          ;news reader
1 mm Martyn      Joseph          ;guitarist
               * Josephs         ;
  mf Eric        Joyce           ;
  mf Robert      Joyce           ;
1 mf James       Joyce           ;
  mf Lawrence    Joyce           ;
  mf Peter       Joyce           ;Author
     Hettie      Judah           ;
  mm Percy       Julian          ;medical researcher
  fm DeAnne      Julius          ;banker
  mm Anthony     Julius          ;lawyer
     James       Kaye            ;
  mm Allan       Kurt            ;
     Graham      Lawrance        ;
  mm Charles     Laurence        ;journalist
  mm Ivan        Lawrence        ;
  fm Laraine     Lawrence        ;
  mm Michael     Lawrence        ;
     Josephine   Lawrence        ;actress
  fm Josie       Lawrence        ;Actress
  mm John        Lawrence        ;Photographer
  mm Anthony     Lawrence        ;photographer
     Richard     Lawrence        ;services director
     Monica      Lee             ;
     Veronica    Lee             ;
  mm Sidney      Lee             ;Editor, biographer
  m? Allen       Lee             ;journalist
     Daniel      Leon            ;
  fm Donna       Leon            ;
  mm Renzo       Leon            ;
  fm Mary        Leonard         ;
  mm Thomas      Leonard         ;journalist
     Samantha    Leslie          ;
  fm Denise      Lester          ;
1 mm Barry       Lewis           ;
  mm David       Lewis           ;
  fm Miriam      Lewis           ;
     Sinclair    Lewis           ;Author
  mm Leslie      Lewis           ;Publican
  mf William     Lily            ;15th Century grammarian
  mm John        Llewellyn       ;
  mm Kevin       Lloyd           ;
1 mm Stephen     Lloyd           ;Author
  mm John        Lloyd           ;Journalist
  ff Dany        Louise          ;social worker
  fm Stella      Lucas           ;
  ?f B           Lucy            ;
     Matthew     Lynn            ;journalist
  mm Frazer      MacDonald       ;journalist
     Cameron     Macintosh       ;theatre impressario
  mm Robert      Malcolm         ;
1 mm Derek       Malcolm         ;Journalist  
  mf Geoffrey    Marcy           ;astronomer
  ff Sandra      Margo           ;
  mf Anthony     Margo           ;
  fm Sally       Mark            ;
     Barnaby     Martin          ;
  mm Clifford    Martin          ;
  mm Steven      Martin          ;
  mm Roger       Martin          ;
  mm Christopher Martin          ;
  fm Linda       Martin          ;
  fm Josie       Martin          ;Artist
     Michael     Martin          ;
     Peter       Martin          ;journalist
  mm Andrew      Martin          ;Journalist
  fm Anne        Martin          ;Psychiatrist
               * Matthews        ; 
  mf Michael     Maude           :cricketer ?
  fm Petra       Michael         ;
  mm Alun        Michael         ;Government minister
  mm Brian       Milton          ;microlite pilot
  mm Yitzchak    Mordecai        ;
  mm Sheridan    Morley          ;writer
1 mm Charles     Morris          ;
1 mm David       Morris          ;
  mm Morton      Morris          ;
  fm Pamela      Morris          ;Journalist
1 mm Brian       Morris          ;Writer
1 mm John        Mortimer        ;Writer
  mm David       Moses
  mm Alasdair    Murray          ;
  mm Ian         Murray          ;
  mm Graham      Murray          ;publishing
  mm Jeremy      Nathan          ;
  mm Eric        Neal            ;
  mm Peter       Neil            ;
  mm Andrew      Neil            ;Newspaper editor
1 mm Bruce       Nelson          ;
  fm Diane       Nelson          ;
1 mm Fraser      Nelson          ;journalist
  fm Susan       Nelson          ;
     Hillary     Neville         ;
     David       Nicholas        ;
     Lindsay     Nicholle        ;
  ff Elizabeth   Nicol           ;
  mf Hubert      Nicolle         ;insurance consultant
  mm Donald      Norman          ;
     Matthew     Norman          ;
  mm Barry       Norman          ;
1 mm Caspar      Norman          ;BBC
1 mm Peter       Norman          ;Journalist
  mm Matthew     Norman          ;journalist
  mf Paul        Olive           ;marine biologist
  mf Steve       Olive           ;
  mm Gary        Oliver          ;
1 mm Robert      Oliver          ;
     Stanley     Oliver          ;
1 mm Howard      Oliver          ;
  mm David       Owen            ;
  mm John        Patrick         ;
  fm P           Patrick         ;
1 mm Alexander   Patrick         ;Computer Shopper
  mm Christopher Paul            ;trade unionist
1 mm Martin      Paul            ;
  fm Wendy       Paul            ;Evesham Micros
  mm Charles     Paul            ;
  fm Lucy        Paul            ;
  ff Therese     Penny           ;Computing
  mm John        Percival        ;
  mm Colin       Percival        ;university student
  mm Ralph       Percy           ;
  fm Norma       Percy           ;BBC
     Martin      Percy           ;theologian
  mm Nicholas    Peregrine       ;
  mm James       Perry           ;
  mm Timothy     Perry           ;journalist
  mm Paul        Ralph           ;
  mm Peter       Ralph           ;
  mm Mark        Raphael         ;
1 mm Bernard     Reuben          ;
     Kimberley   Reynolds        ;
               * Roberts         ;
     Ivan        Robin           ;photographer
     Jeremy      Robin           ;photographer
  fm Jennifer    Rodger          ;Journalist
               * Rogers          ; 
  ff Lilian      Rose            ;
  mm Jonathan    Rose            ;
  ff Dinah       Rose            ;
  ff June        Rose            ;
  mf Damon       Rose            ;
1 mf Malcolm     Rose            ;
  ff Maureen     Rose            ;Dress-maker
  mf Stephen     Rose            ;
1 mm Eric        Rose            ;
  ff Phillipa    Rose            ;actress
  mm Justin      Rose            ;golfer
  mf Paul        Rose            ;llama farmer
  ff Judy        Rose            ;llama farmer
     James       Ross            ;
  fm Sally       Roy             ;
  mm James       Rubin           ;
1 mm Isaac       Rubin           ;
  mm Anthony     Rudolph         ;
  mm Eric        Rudolph         ;
  mm Paul        Rudolph         ;architect
  m? Damon       Runyon          ;
  mm Frank       Russell         ;
  mm Mark        Russell         ;
  ?m *           Samuel          ;
  mm Edgar       Samuel          ; 
               * Samuels         ;
  ff Linda       Saul            ;
  mm Roger       Saul            ;Mulberry Group PLC
     Guy         Sharon          ;
  mm Barnett     Sheridan        ;
  bf Robin       Shirley         ;Computers
  ff Stephanie   Shirley         ;F International (aka Steve Shirley)
  ff Janet       Shirley         ;Poet
     Carolyn     Simon           ;
  mm Jeffrey     Simon           ;
  fm Carolyn     Simon           ;
1 mm Daniel      Simon           ;
  mm Neil        Simon           ;Playwright
     Kevin       Sinclair        ;
  mm Daniel      Sinclair        ;
  mm Michael     Solomon         ;  
               * Solomons        ;
     Thomas      Spencer         ;
     Valerie     Spencer         ;
  mm Andrew      Spencer         ;
     Elizabeth   Spencer         ;
1 mm Nicholas    Spencer         ;journalist
1 mm Charles     Spencer         ;Journalist
  f? Helen       Stacey          ;murderess
     David       Stanley         ;
  fm Jane        Stanley         ;
  fm Helen       Stanley         ;Author
     Martin      Stephen         ;school headmaster
  mm Robyn       Steven          ;
     Colin       Steven          ;
  fm Christine   Stewart         ;
  mm William     Stewart         ;
  mm Patrick     Stewart         ;Actor
  mm Brian       Stewart         ;advertising
  fm Martha      Stewart         ;cookery books
  mm Alexander   Stewart         ;Cricketer
  mm David (Dave)Stewart         ;singer
1 mm Peter       Stuart          ;
     Marie       Stuart          ;author
  mf Maurice     Suzanne         ;
  fm Ellen       Terry           ;Actress
     Richard     Thomas          ;
  fm Susan       Thomas          ;
1 mm Samuel      Thomas          ;
  fm Monica      Thomas          ;
     Russell     Thomas          ;
  fm Elsie       Thomas          ;
  mm Christopher Thomas          ;
1 mm David       Thomas          ;
  mm Mark        Thomas          ;comedian
  mm Allen       Thomas          ;company direrctor
1 mm Thomas      Thomas          ;lexicographer, circa 1587
  mm Peter       Tom             ;company director
  mm William     Trevor          ;writer
1 mm Mark        Vernon          ;Journalist
     *           Veronique       ;           
  mm Edward      Victor          ;literary agent
  mm Andrew      Vincent         ;
  mm Mark        Vincent         ;
  mm Noel        Vincent         ;
  fm Harriet     Walter          ;
  m- Gough       Whitlam         ;Politician
     Jay         Wilbur          ;
               * Williams        ; 
     Benjamin    Wolfe           ;
     *           Wolfe           ;
     *           Wolff           ;
     *           Woolf           ;
  fm Jane        Woolf           ;
     *           Zacharias       ;


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Surnames which are also nouns

Updated: 18th May 1999

Some of the following surnames are also verbs and they are listed 
under that heading.

     Jack        Album           ;
     David       Almond          ;novelist
     Leah        Amethyst        ;
     Oliver      August          ;
     Joanna      Bale            ;
     Kenneth     Ball            ;
     Colin       Barker          ;journalist
     Robin       Baron           ;
     Andrew      Barrow          ;
     Charles     Batchelor       ;
     Paul        Bean            ;
     Paul        Bean            ;
     Lenny       Beige           ;comedian (stage name?)
     David       Bell            ;
     Anthony     Bell            ;
     Gregory     Berry           ;
     Pat         Berry           ;
     David       Bird            ;
     John        Bird            ;
     Helen       Bishop          ;
     Christopher Bishop          ;
     Victor      Bishop          ;
     Edward      Black           ;
     Christopher Bland           ;
     Peter       Bleach          ;arms dealer
     Trevor      Blench          ;
     James       Blitz           ;
     Diane       Blood           ;
     Geoffrey    Booth           ;
     Martin      Booth           ;writer   
     Phil        Box             ;
     Mary        Braid           ;
     Michael     Brain           ;Musician
     Lawrence    Brass           ;lawyer
     Paul        Bray            ;journalist
     Maggie      Bridge          ;
     Leonard     Brown           ;
     Matthew     Buck            ;
     Angela      Bush            ;
     Michael     Butcher         ;Journalist
     Katherine   Butler          ;
     *           Cake            ;
     Alan        Cane            ;journalist
     James       Cannon          ;
     Brian       Carter          ;
     Stephen     Case            ;CEO, AOL
     Stephen     Castle          ;journalist
     Graham      Cave            ;
     Michael     Chance          ;
     Dennis      Cherry          ;
     Harry       Child           ;
     Amanda      Church          ;
     Ray         Clay            ;
     Nigel       Cliff           ;
     Charles     Clover          ;
     Peter       Coffee          ;Author
     Kenneth     Cork            ;accountant
     Richard     Cork            ;Art critic
     Oliver      Cotton          ;actor
     Jane        Couch           ;professional lady boxer
     John        Cox             ;
     Jane        Crane           ;
     Gerry       Crest           ;
     Peter       Croft           ;
     Ian         Croft           ;
     Michael     Cross           ;
     Debbie      Cross           ;sales manager
     Sheryl      Crow            ;
     Ada         Crown           ;
     Daniel      Curry           ;
     Christopher Damp            ; 
     Alastair    Darling         ;UK Government minister
     *           Dawn            ;
     Ronald      Demon           ;Researcher
     Stuart      Diamond         ;
     Anthony     Dinner          ;
     Peter       Dove            ;
     Jonathan    Dove            ;
     J.          Dove            ;
     John        Draper          ;
     Clare       English         ;Broadcaster
     David       Eton            ;(name of school and town)
     William     Fair            ;
     Larry       Farmer          ;
     Anthony     Feather         ;
     Vivienne    Feather         ;
     Robert      Feather         ;
     Justin      Field           ;
     Julia       Finch           ;
     Paul        Foot            ;politician
     David       Fox             ;
     Hilary      Fox             ;
     Gordon      Fox             ;
     Glenys      France          ;
     Elizabeth   France          ;Data Protection Registrar
     Peter       Freitag         ;
     Deborah     Frieze          ;
     Raymond     Furlong         ;
     Anita       Gale            ;
     Keith       Gentry          ;Personnel recruitment
     Martin      Gill            ;
     Norma       Glass           ;
     Leonard     Gold            ;
     Christopher Green           ;journalist
     David       Grout           ;
     Paul        Groves          ;
     David       Guest           ;journalist
     Rodger      Hake            ;
     David       Hands           ;
     Ivan        Harbour         ;
     Clay        Harris          ;broadcaster [his forename is a noun]
     Ronald      Harrow          ;
     Colin       Hart            ;
     Rona        Hart            ;
     Michael     Heap            ;
     Derrick     Heaven          ;Diplomat
     Peter       Hedges          ;
     Ian         Hill            ;
     Helen       Hill            ; 
     Damon       Hill            ;racing car driver
     Geoffrey    House           ;
     Roger       House           ;
     Elspeth     Inch            ;
     Michael     Jay             ;
     Joyce       Kiddie          ;
     Richard     Kite            ;
     Henrietta   Lake            ;
     Larry       Lamb            ;actor
     Alyson      Lane            ;
     Wally       Leaf            ;
     Jeremy      Leaf            ;estate agent
     Amanda      Lean            ;
     Geoffrey    Leech           ;
     *           Look
     Donna       Love            ;
     Philippa    Marsh           ; 
     Virginia    Marsh           ;journalist
     Nigel       Maunder         ;
     Lorien      Mead            ;
     Robin       Mead            ;
     Gerald      Mill            ;
     Daniel      Millet          ;
     Colin       Monk            ;
     Stephen     Moss            ;
     Joanne      Moss            ;
     Steven      Moth            ;
     Richard     Neighbour       ;Computer specialist
     Benedict    Nightingale     ;Theatre critic
     Cherry      Norton          ;
     John        Onions          ;
     Roger       Page            ;
     Harry       Partridge       ;
     Frank       PerenBoom       ;Musician
     Alan        Pike            ;
     John        Pilgrim         ;
     Michael     Pilgrim         ;
     Susan       Pink            ;
     Timothy     Pitcher         ;
     Dianne      Place           ;
     Sadie       Plant           ;
     Barbara     Porch           ;
     Reginald    Porter          ;
     Michell     Press           ;
     Heather     Rainbow         ;
     Louise      Rainbow         ;
     Steven      Ranger          ;
     Nicholas    Ray             ; 
     Victor      Rice            ;
     Max         Roach           ;
     Hugh        Roach           ;
     Ian         Roast           ;
     Sheila      Rock            ;
     Malcolm     Rose            ;
     Maureen     Rose            ;Dress-maker
     Joy         Sable           ;
     Adam        Sage            ;
     Brent       Savage          ;
     Brent       Savage          ;
     Daniel      Scripture       ;
     Victor      Shack           ;
     Paul        Shave           ;
     Raina       Sheaf           ;
     Paul        Shore           ;
     Bernard     Silver          ;
     Debbie      Silver          ;
     Karen       Silver          ;
     John        Singer          ;
     Clifton     Sink            ;
     Andrew      Sky             ;football agent
     David       Snapper         ;
     Ralph       Spark           ; 
     Joe         Spring          ;
     Matthew     Spring          ;Musician
     Robert      Springer        ;
     Steven      Squibb          ;
     Timothy     Stammers        ;journalist
     Timothy     Steel           ;
     Nikki       Strange         ;
     Jack        Straw           ;British Government Minister
     Peter       Style           ;
     Michael     Sugar           ;
     Richard     Swan            ;
     Marion      Teal            ;
     Richard     Tilt            ;
     Frank, Sir  Tombs           ;one-time head of UK Inland Revenue
     Henry       Tricks          ;
     Ian         Trill           ;
     Lynne       Truss           ;writer, journalist
     Philip      Turtle          ;
     Andrew      Verity          ;
     Michael     Wagen           ;(German for wagon)
     Michael     Walk            ;
     Mark        Waltz           ;
     Donald      Weeks           ;author
     Mike        Whine           ;
     Liam        White           ;
     Michael     White           ; 
     Michael     Winch           ;
     Michael     Winner          ;
     Leo         Winter          ;
     Stephen     Wood            ;
     David       Wood            ;
     Clive       Wood            ;
     Jonathan    Wren            ;
     Henry       Wrong           ;
     Philip      Yam             ;


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Surnames which are also verbs

Updated: 18th May 1999.

Some of these surnames are also nouns and are listed additionally
under that heading.

     Ian         Browse          ;
     Nigel       Reeks           ;
     Richard     Tilt            ;
     Henry       Tricks          ;
     Ian         Trill           ;
     Lynne       Truss           ;writer, journalist
     Michael     Walk            ;
     Mark        Waltz           ;
     Simon       Wane            ;town hall manager
     Mike        Whine           ;


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Non-hyphenated multi-part surnames

Updated: 18th May 1999.

These surnames may be split into two sub-words which can 
be included in a plausible sentence as indicated. In each 
case the internal boundary is indicated by a capital letter.

A few surnames have eluded my attempts to invent a sentence.
Some of the sentences required the insertion of a comma between 
the sub-words. These examples will have to do until I think of 
a better example.

                 Multipart surname
     John        BedFord         ;"Are you still in bed, Ford?"
     Larry       BowDen          ;
     Paul        CarMan          ;"Hey, check dat car, man."
     Jeffrey     DuckWorth       ;"What is your duck worth?"
     Digby       FairWeather     ;[Musician] "We are expecting fair weather."
     Richard     FriedMan        ;"Gimme da eggs fried, man."
     Timothy     LightBody       ;"The car had a light body."
     Richard     NewTon          ;
     Harry       PartRidge       ;"The terrain was part ridge and part plateau."
     Frank       PerenBoom       ;[Musician] (pear tree)
     Heather     RainBow         ;
     Louise      RainBow         ;
     Richard     Smallwood       ;


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Surnames which are not misspelled, apparently

Updated: 18th May 1999.

After looking at surnames and forenames for years I am prepared to 
believe almost any spelling to be correct. The following are interesting
because they are probably all correct yet they give me the impression 
that they are not. I have suggested for each name an alternative 
"correct" spelling and a reason.

     ?           Chen            ;Cohen          [omission]
     ?           Folwer          ;Flower         [transposition]
     ?           Harrold         ;Harold         [typo]
     Andrew      Seviour         ;Saviour        [typo]


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