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Updated: 11 November 2010
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Steffen Thorsen's


Jewish Science & Technology Books
Books about Jewish scientists and technologists and their theories and discoveries in all ages.
Tagin Judaic Stationery:
Judaica and Hebraica Booksellers
Judaica and Hebraica Booksellers in Great Britain and Eire, world-wide and on the Internet. Includes a short section on Hebrew calligraphy.
Jewish Music Resources on the Internet
A list of links. Mostly the links are to specifically Jewish resources whilst others are of a general musical interest.
Making the Alphabet Dance
A collection of ingenious Hebrew letter forms. This directory contains nearly 2 MBytes of image data and will take several minutes to load more than 100 image files - so relax and think kindly thoughts while the bytes race by.
Hechshers K kosher
Hechshers resemble commercial trademarks and are affixed mainly to various packaged foods to indicate that a Jewish regulatory body has adjudged the food to be kosher and in conformance with Jewish laws of ritual purity. More than 600 hechshers are displayed.
Society for Redistribution of Used Seforim
This charitable organisation in London which collected surplus and unwanted Jewish religious books for distribution to established Jewish organisations and charities ceased operating in 2001.
Zalman Fisher's analysis of Torah cantillation:
or via
Jewish Book Week, London, U.K.
26 February to 6 March 2011

Jerusalem International Book Fair
20-25 February 2011
Jewish Music Festival
A part of the Jewish Music Institute, London, U.K.
Southern Africa Jewish Genealogy
This is a link to the Southern Africa section of the large Jewish genealogy web-site which is maintained by JewishGen, Inc.
North London Progressive Jewish Community
A Progressive synagogue in Stoke Newington, London N16, England
Collectable Ephemera: Fruit labels
Fruit labels are a fairly recent innovation (perhaps 1998) in the display and sale of fruit in grocery shops and supermarkets in the U.K. rocha-3.jpg They are printed on paper or on plastic film and often bear the name of the fruit to which they are attached. The designs are colourful and apparently identical labels may, like postage stamps, differ because of small variations in printing, colour, design, typeface details and security incisions. The images of more than 1,000 labels are displayed.
Collectable Ephemera: Fruit wrappers loquendo-1.jpg
Fruit wrappers adorn oranges and lemons in London grocery shops and fruit barrows. The designs include boldly coloured roundels and simple repeated lines of text. About 170 wrappers are illustrated here.
Book-finder services on the Internet L'Art Pour Tous
The international contemporary art fair in Cannes, France.
8-12 September 2005.
North London Action for the Homeless, London, U.K.
At its premises in St. Pauls Church Hall, Stoke Newington Road, London N16 7UE, NLAH provides free three-course freshly cooked meals, clothing and legal advice for homeless, poor and vulnerable people at its twice-weekly drop-in sessions.
Getting there ..
The Soho Society, London
Soho, London W1, is the real, original Soho. Its name dates back to the reign of King Henry VIII.

The Soho Society is dedicated to the improvement of living, working and recreational conditions in Soho for residents, schools, businesses and visitors.

Internet search engines
A selection of search engines including several which accept URL's. In theory one can find almost anything on the Internet, quickly and easily, by using a search engine. The reality is that there are many search engines, each with different contents and different indexing and searching procedures. One usually has to sift through a great deal of unwanted material.

According to press comment in July 1999, no single search engine had indexed more than about 18% of the web. By 2002, the Google search engine claimed to have the biggest and most comprehensive indexes of all. But, the number of web-sites has increased dramatically so that the percent indexed may not have changed much and may even have fallen.

Eskimo "snow" words
The Inuit people are reputed to have more than thirty words for snow. This fallacy stems in part from the agglutinative structure of Inuit words. English also has many 'snow words,' i.e. words which refer to frozen water in its many forms: snow, slush, sleet, ice, frost, snowflake, blizzard, hail, icicle, iceberg, glacier, etc.
Some forenames and surnames
Many English male and female personal names are used both as forenames and surnames. Others are nouns and verbs, multipart or apparently misspelled. Here are lists of names collected from a variety of published sources.
HTML characters, colours and symbols
Lists of standard HyperText Markup Language tags.
Web-site maintenance:
Leverton Stores - gourmet groceries in Kentish Town, London NW5, U.K.
The Letter Exchange, London, England.

Letter Exchange, founded in 1988, is a society for professionals involved in the whole spectrum of the lettering arts and crafts, from calligraphy and letter-cutting, through design for print, publishing and typography, to signage and architectural lettering. The aim of Letter Exchange is to promote fine lettering in all media through exhibitions, a programme of lectures with speakers from the UK and overseas and a forum for the discussion of common interests.

The 2002-2003 lecture series, dealing with various aspects of the typographic arts is listed here.

mclean-1.jpg Slide Rules

This is in preparation and will include images of 5", 10", circular and helical (eg. Otis King) slide rules.

The illustration is of a McLean Exchange Rates converter for travellers. The scales are equivalent to a 9" linear slide rule. No cursor was ever fitted. Dimensions: 87.8mm wide x 100.5mm high. The rectangular and circular parts are each about 0.7mm thick. The total thickness, including the rivet, is about 2.0mm. Off-white plastic.

alba-1.jpg Corporate Heraldry

The Coats of Arms of financial, commercial and industrial businesses are being replaced by modern logos and initial letters; often blurred blobs and squiggles with little design merit. Here is a selection of coats of arms collected during the 1970's.

Marti Catering, London, England.
Delicious food cooked by Marti McKellar. Piquant flavours - mouthwatering aromas. Lunches, dinners and receptions catered on your premises. Corporate and private functions for up to twenty people in the Allen Room, an elegant nineteenth-century wood-panelled dining-room in Dean Street in the heart of Soho.